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Why Not?® Organic Barley Grass Powder (100g)

Why Not?® Organic Barley Grass Powder (100g)

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Rich in a wide spectrum of powerful antioxidants. Protects your body cells from attack and damaging actions from free radicals. why not? Barley grass contains 100% pure certified organic barley grass processed at low temperatures.

Product Highlights:
  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Grown in New Zealand. Processed at low temperatures to retain valuable nutrients and enzymes.
  • 100% pure. No bulking agent or artificial additives.
Ingredients: Certified organic barley grass powder from New Zealand.

Barley grass contains powerful antioxidant compounds. It is crucial to restore and enhance your body’s self-healing mechanism and immunity. Barley grass is also important to:
  • Balance blood acidity and improve blood circulation
  • Strengthen the body’s tissues, heart and blood vessels
  • Act as an excellent anti-cancer food
  • Prevent premature aging as barley grass is high in SOD, a strong antioxidant.
Directions for use:
Suggested Serving - Take approximately 1 teaspoon with a glass of water or fresh juice, preferably before a meal. Can be added to any dishes, soups or salads for better nutrients.

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Storage Instructions: Store at a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated once opened.