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Sonnentor Organic Chamomile Loose (50g)

Sonnentor Organic Chamomile Loose (50g)

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Certified organic. The timing of the gathering is critical to the Chamomile. It significantly affects the quality of the flowers. Sonnentor gathers all the flowers on the third to fifth day after blooming which is the best timing of gathering for German Chamomile. 

Sonnentor herbs, flowers, and spices are suitable to use for compresses and footbaths. These are part of anthroposophic therapies which were encouraged by Rudolf Steiner to support healthy child development, as well as to prevent and treat illness. 

A chamomile compress helps the nervous system, and improves digestion. It is highly valuable for insomnia, pain related to menstruation, for people with poor digestion due to nervousness, or after a busy day studying. 


  • Organic German Chamomile

Country of Origin: Austria

Storage: Store in fridge