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Emile Noel Wheat Germ Oil (100ml)

Emile Noel Wheat Germ Oil (100ml)

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Vitamin E Oil and Metabolism Booster
An excellent dietary supplement due to its rich natural source of vitamin E and octacosanol helps boost sports performance and metabolism. It is so precious that it takes about 1800kg of wheat kernels to produce 1kg of wheatgerm oil.
Made using VIOGERM® process – A gentle process stabilizing the wheat germ to preserve its optimal level of nutrients.

Product Highlights:
• Certified organic
• 100 years of history, established since 1920
• Extra virgin (first cold-pressed and unrefined)
• Made from traditional screw press techniques
• Premium-grade seeds / nuts
• Seeds picked from small yield, high-quality crops
• Fair Trade. Supports small scale organic farmers
• Well established in-house R&D
• Rich flavour

100% first cold-pressed virgin wheat germ oil

• Rich in Vitamin E, which helps prevents cancer-causing free radicals from traveling freely throughout your body. Vitamin E also:
– reduces damage towards body cells and prevents oxidative stress
– acts as an anti-aging agent, promoting healthy skin
• Helps to repair and heal scarring
• Fights against cancer-causing free radicals with its high antioxidant content.
• Promotes hair health by combating hair loss and dandruff
• Slows down premature aging by reducing wrinkles and scarring
• Boosts your heart health with its high levels of beneficial polyunsaturated fat.
• Fights against obesity with Omega-3 fatty acids and improved metabolism.
• Promotes cognitive health, improving memory and attention levels.
• Increases energy levels, reducing fatigue.

Directions for Use:
Adult: 1 teaspoon/day, preferably with a meal or after a meal
Children: ¼-½ teaspoon/day, preferably with a meal or after a meal
Use as a massage oil by directly applying on skin or mix with your preferred essential oils before applying.

Country of Origin: France

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.