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Dr Ros Eco-Enzyme (500ml)

Dr Ros Eco-Enzyme (500ml)

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Turn kitchen waste into enzyme. It is rewarding not only to the environment

Eco enzyme is a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), sugar (brown sugar, jaggery or molasses sugar) and water. It is dark brown and has a strong sweet sour fermented scent. Eco enzyme is a multipurpose liquid and its applications cover household, agriculture, animal husbandry etc.

Eco enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon from Thailand. She has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years and encourages people to make eco enzyme at home to ease global warming.

Discover the miracle of Eco-Enzyme. Show our care to mother earth from the kitchen by making and using Eco Enzyme.

Ingredients: molasses sugar or jaggery, fruit and vegetable dregs, water.


  • 100% natural, non toxic and harmless.
  • Strictly for external use only.

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