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Biodyanamic Local Lemon-Dehydated & Sliced (200g)

Biodyanamic Local Lemon-Dehydated & Sliced (200g)

Rasa Masa
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Grown biodyanamic way Local Lemon-Dehydated Slices
Lemon is a popular fruit that people like the stunning yellow colour, its aroma and sourness. Usually lemon is used in small quantities to add flavour to food. It is rarely consume alone due to the intense sour taste.

Lemon gives nice flavour for baked food, sauces, dressings, beverages, desserts, and marinates. Most importantly lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C and flavonoids which are high in antioxidants. It is also excellent for general wellbeing and fighting infections.

Please do not ignore the lemon peel as they have high nutritional benefits. It is also a whole food concept for complete nutrients.

Fresh lemon is prefered by many for cooking. However, if you have plenty of lemon from your lemon trees, or you just like to have some lemons all the time, you may consider dehydrate lemon slices and keep them in air tight jar.

Why biodynamically grown?
As most citrus, including lemon can have some level of pesticide residue on the peel, hence choosing organically grown lemon is important. Beyond organic, biodynamic farming uses special preparations that enhance the life force of the crops.

How to use dehydrated lemon?
1. Drinking: add a slice to flavour water or tea.
2. Seasoning: zest in a grinder and DIY seasoning mix. Goes well with coarse pepper.
3. Cooking: use in marinates, or gravy or to add extra flavour to the dishes.
4. Home remedies: ferment dried lemon with raw honey.
5. Jam: make lemon marmalade.