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Roots Evolution: More than An Online Store

The first store of Roots Organic was established in 2016 at SS2 Petaling Jaya.  It was a retail with cafe concept offering neighborhood organic fresh produces and groceries,  and organic vegan food.  

We decided to change our business model after 3 years retail operation. We wanted to focus on education relating to food, farming, and health & nutrients, especially in anthroposophic perspective; so that people have more options pursuing a healthful lifestyle.  

Embrace the emerging of online platform and social media interaction, we evolve into a better and more complex state, from brick and mortar to online store, seamlessly integrated in order to offer innovative features and convenience for prospect. It is able to reach people who would be interested in health & well-being. 

By beginning of 2020, we are excited to now launch Roots Organic 2.0 version; our first online store:  

We hope you shop with guilt-free and enjoy organic lifestyle at home!