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Our Commitment, Mission & Core Value

We believe that choosing “organic” is more than just about choosing to eat better quality. It is about making a sustainable & healthy lifestyle choice that are doing better for not only ourselves, our families, but also for our community and the Mother earth.

We Committed To

  • Biodynamic and organic produces which is good for people, good for health and good for environment
  •  A simple and sustainable way to conserve the mother resources for future generation and natural spices
  • Acknowledge artisan food producers whom understand and respect the raw ingredients with which they work, master the craft of their production, allow to develop slowly and naturally, and tastes good.
  • A trade where it benefits to producers, consumers, and environment.



  • Works to inspire and educate people about food, biodynamic farming, and  anthroposophical nutrition.
  • Works to promote a “home” base organic lifestyle.
  • Works to support local artisan organic food producers and sustainable business.


Biodynamic & organic  |  Artisanal food  |   Fair trade  |   Sustainability