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Emile Noel Organic Hazelnut Oil (250ml)

Emile Noel Organic Hazelnut Oil (250ml)

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To “Lubricate” your brain and skin.
To “Lubricate” your brain and skin
Using certified Fair-trade hazelnuts from Turkey, this oil has a fine, almost woody and particularly recommended in pastry for desserts.
Hazelnut oil keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. It also contains antioxidants that help protect the brain and skin against damage by free radicals.

Product Highlights:
• Certified organic
• 100 years of history, established since 1920
• Extra virgin (first cold-pressed and unrefined)
• Made from traditional screw press techniques
• Premium-grade seeds / nuts
• Seeds picked from small yield, high-quality crops
• Fair Trade. Supports small scale organic farmers
• Well established in-house R&D
• Rich flavour
• Bottle is nitrogen flushed to preserve the oil’s freshness.

Ingredients: 100% first cold-pressed certified organic, hazelnut oil.

• Provides a good supply of essential fatty acid:
• Hydrates the skin and boosts collagen levels, keeping the skin soft and smooth.
• Regulates excessive oil secretion on the skin.
• Slow down premature aging by reducing wrinkles
• Protects against sun damage and hyperpigmentation.
• Provides antioxidants that help fight against cancer-causing free radicals.

Directions of Use:
Take 1 -2 teaspoons daily as a supplement.
Use as a salad dressing and drizzle on your favourite dishes.
Can be taken in combination with other oils:
– Skin – Avocado oil
– Brain – Walnut oil

Country of Origin: France

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.