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My Premium Organic Dalgona Coffee!

I am sure most of you  definitely have come across the "Dalgona coffee" video went viral on social media site during MCO. It really attracted many of us to DIY at home too. I guess one of the reasons which so successful to catch public eyeball is because it is not complicated and require unique ingredients.

Yes, it  just requires 2 steps and 4 ingredients to make Dalgona coffee. Isn't it easy? 

Since it can easily DIY at home, I made it too. In fact, I made this trendy beverage 3 times. As I read some post, I found that with the original recipe, Dalgona coffee is pretty sweet. Hence, for the first time, I reduce the sugar to half. Sadly, no matter how long I whisked, it did not appeared velvety and fluffy texture. 

Second time, I followed the original recipe and turned out successfully. However, it was not my cup of tea as too sweet and sugary for me, although I used organic cane sugar. One thing for sure, you got to beat hundreds time if by hand beat (I used chopstick…)

Today after lunch, I decided to make a healthier version of Dalgona coffe with new sugar -Sunria Arenga sugar I received. Therefore, I replaced organic cane sugar with Arenga sugar as it is low in GI from Arenga tree in Indonesian rainforest, which can only be planted by Luwak, the local native inhabitant. The sugar captures its signature aroma of caramel and the sweetness is legit! Instead of using fresh milk for the base, I use sugar-less soy milk.

Guess what? The taste is awesome! There is a bitter-sweet spot where the coffee taste just right.

Other than soy milk, you may opt for your favorite plant-based milk for Dalgona coffee too.  Have fun!

Here is my premium Dalgona recipe using organic ingredients. (Suitable for 2 persons):

Ingredient A:
  1. Sonnentor instant coffee 4tbsp
  2. Sunria Arenga sugar 4 tbsp
  3. Hot water 4 tbsp

 Ingredient B:

  1. Soja, natural 500ml


  1. Combine ingredient A into a small mixing bowl.
  2. Beat the mixture it becomes thick and creamy, till the color changes to toffee color and the mixture takes a thick consistency.
  3. Using electric hand mixer is faster to see the mixture become thicker.
  4. It takes about 5 min if you are using whisk mixer for a non-stop beating
  5. Pour soy milk (ingredient B) into a nice glass and top it off with the toffee mixture, using a spoon to scoop it out of the bowl.
  6. Alternatively, you may also use almond milk for flavor variation!