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Encouraging A Love of Cooking At Home

Do you think time to cook is a luxury to many families? If so, you are not alone!

I truly understand it is not easy for urban folks, especially working mothers, spend time to cook at home frequently.  Surely, most mothers cared about their food and family's health, and they are willing to spent time cooking. However, sometimes unpredictable work schedules, travelling time, time conflict happen, easily made mothers stress out. In that case, why we still encourage cooking at home as frequent as possible? Let's look into these three points: time, health, relationship; which I found is so true. 

"Cooking is love made edible!"  I came across this quote few days ago, and thought it is such a appropriate description to what I wanted to share here.

Do you agree that cooking connect people, the family and the community? I do.  It is a way of breaking down barriers when you share food with your neighbors or friends. When I was still working in corporate, several colleagues and I used to shared food. We took turn to cook soup, desserts or bake, or prepared just a simple smoothies. It was so nice as everyday we got surprises; and often had good stuff nourished us. My family and I also enjoyed varieties of food our friends and relatives shared during festive seasons.  

Cooking is more than food. It is t"love and warmth" inside the cooking bring us joyful.

Cooking requires time. It could take you 10 min, 30 mins, an hours or even longer.  If you want to start cooking, cook what's easy for you.  You don't need a complicated recipe or perfect skill. All it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation.

You can use cooking equipment which make cooking easier and save time, for example pressure cooker, smart cooker, electric double-boiler, etc. 

My friend Elisa, a mother of 3 boys and secretary in profession,  is very good in meal planning and preparation, she can easily cook 3 to 4 dishes within an hour. At her house, she had different kind of kitchen tools to help her complete the task.  

I used to bring lunch box to office. During the weekend, I did grocery shopping. After that, i washed or sliced certain portions and packed it into several bags for next day cooking.  I used smart cooker for rice or soup as i can pre-set the timing; or thermal pot for porridge which could shorten cooking on stove. Believe me or not, it only takes me about 20-30 min to finish.

My mother always said "the more you practice (cook), the better (faster)you are"!  That's how's our mom trained to cook efficiently

You take control over what is going in your food!  Studies suggest that people who cook at home regularly have an overall healthier diet. It is easily understand that dine-out meals typically contain higher amount of sodium, saturated fat and high sugar than home-cooked meal.

However, I agree the above if only we carefully choose the ingredients. When we mention home-cooked food refers to cook your own food with real and fresh ingredients; not pre-cooked food or instant food packed or microwave food which easily get from supermarket. To achieve health benefits through cooking at home, carefully selected cooking ingredients and cooking method are importance. 

If you are someone doesn't like cooking much, it is best to start cooking few meals a week, whichever way to suit your busy schedule. It is fine not to commit cooking 3 meals a day.  Try look for recipes that is your favorites and easy to prepare. After a while, you will find out it is not so hard to  keep doing.

I am back cooking again six years ago when I had food allergy, and difficult to dine out. To take charge of my health, I prepared meals daily to office till I recovered. During the period of time, I attended some healthy cooking workshop to pick up basic skills  and learnt different recipes.

For those who are in special diet needs or looking for healing purpose, I encourage preparing your own meal. It is a better way to reap health benefits as you know what you eat.

If "cooking and eating healthier food" is your to new year resolution, let's kick start! Follow us on our social media for upcoming practical workshop and classes; recipes and tips