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What's "The Story of Cosmetic" Talk About?

The first time I became aware of chemical ingredients used in skincare and cosmetic was in my college time.  I received the first skincare set from by my senior when I was in university as a welcome gift. It was a popular skincare brand in US. Sadly, I did not have good experience as it caused patches of dry skin. Later on, news about "lead in lipstick cause harmful" was circulating around.  However, the relevance to health and harmful level was not well understood.

As i still use skincare and make up; i want to be sure that body wash, shampoo,  lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, lipstick, blush, and etc. I use are safe.  So I hunt for the famous brand with labels reassuring "natural", "pure", "plant based", "no harsh chemical", and with "recommended by dermatologists", "formulated by Prof. XX; or Dr XX".   And everything seemed fine.

I look carefully the big label before buying and  trust what the label said, but i ignore the ingredients fact sheet at the back. Until i came across this animation video which gave me a better understanding on this unsettling truth about cosmetic and personal care products.  

You may find doubtful as there are also information and studies explain the harmless of these ingredients. What you can do is to judge the veracity of information by your experience.

One thing we should clear that some effects on health (such as cancer) and environment (such as ocean pollution, climate change) don't appear until many years after the first exposure.  Prevention is always better than cure!

The above video is produced by Story of Stuff. They produced numbers of quality and educational video which is easy to understand.

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Photo credit to :Story of Stuff