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Rasa Masa: Jeremy & Sauerkraut

It is so simple to make sauerkraut. All you need is just cabbage and salt which is where you can start anytime with the recipe. And everyone has own preferences as to when sauerkraut taste the best. Some love eating freshly make, some prefer eating when is just perfectly fermented, and some, like me, of course love sauerkraut which basically over fermented and taste turn very sour. 

I did make sauerkraut. However, the best sauerkraut i had ever tasted before is the one from Rasa Masa by Jeremy. His kraut is fine grated or sliced, dried (less brine), compact in the jar. The sauerkraut has a comfortingly soft texture, and mild acidity, and this make it an perfect foil for food rich in carbs and protein. Even the taste can be still maintained in the peak flavour after months old (bottle tightly closed).

I swear his recipe is nothing new or different as he generously allowed me to witness him doing his kraut. His method is same old!  Apart from using only organic ingredients, what else made the difference? I believe it is his personal touch

Jeremy is a young chap, profession in programming. He is kind-hearted and observant person. One day, he told his mother that he wanted to learn making sauerkraut from her. After practicing numbers of time and made sure it was good enough to sell, he first introduced his sauerkraut in farmers' market and the respond was overwhelming.  So, his tiny sauerkraut business journey started....

It is  healing when seeing Jeremy massage  the cabbage. With his strong hand, he gently squeezed and massaged handful of cabbage. He looked enjoy, steady and full of confidence in himself at that moment.

I sensed that it was more than just making sauerkraut. He expressed his personal touch; his honesty, passion, and warmth into all these bottles. He honored and lovingly respect when doing his fermentation. I think these all made the sauerkraut taste beyond delicious.

Try Rasa Masa sauerkraut. It is not only bringing you health benefits,  also Jeremy's sincerity preparing the kraut.