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Home-cooked Food That We Never Forget

What do you remember about your mom and her cooking?

There are many of my favorite home-cooked food: curry chicken, double-boiled giant winter melon soup, fried fish stuffed with sambal, fried egg with tomatoes, onion omelettes, braised tofu and egg, loh hon zai, bazhen soup, salted vegetables soup, teow chew style yam dessert, and more... 

I grew up on a hearty diet of home-cooked traditional Chinese food. My mom was a housewife. She stayed home with us and ran the household.  She not only kept the house tidy, also to cook meals for us. When we got home from school or works, there were always some hot meals ready to be hoarded and enjoyed.  Usually there were three dishes and a pot of hot soup. My mom also loved to double-boil traditional herbal remedies like six flavours soup, tianqi soup, bazhen, ginseng soup as natural supplement to boosts energy or ward of common ailments.

I wondered how my mom could stretch out a meal on time as she was busy with other housework too.

I always believe that my mom's cooking is better than any chef!  As we all know that food cooked by our mom had a really unique taste which belong to own family; and we grown up eating that.

There are so much memorable moments with my mom in the kitchen. That's why no matter where we go, how old are we, how much lavish meal we had eaten, we dearly miss her food.

Definitely, memory of food is unforgettable! I always believe mom's food may evoke lush of  warmth memories!