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"Anti-Inflammatory" Syrup by En Nature

Some basic ingredients at home can turn into home remedies to protect your family from common ailments and keep them healthy. Here, we like to share the recipe of making "anti-inflammatory" drink, formulated by En Nature. 


  1. Dr. Ros classic/graceful enzymes – 1 part
  2. Organic apple cider vinegar – 1 part
  3. Raw/organic honey – 1 part

Method: mix all the ingredients with equal portion (*ratio is 1:1:1)

Home remedies suitable for all ages (excepts baby). It helps to boosts immunity and to avoid catching flu and other viral illness. It also good for eliminate phlegm, reduce fever, sooth sore throat inflammation. Here is the video to show the making step by step.  For find out more, click here!

Note: This is natural home remedies. Should symptom persists, please seek medical advice.