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Friends of Roots: Wonder Wilder Farm

Wonder Wilderfarm owners are two awesome young ladies! Both of them are not working behind the scenes on farms. They works in the farms, organize farmers' market and activities; produce quality food product with their home-grown ingredients.  Apart from fresh produces, they have some unique products such as coconut cheese, hot chili sauce, cough rub, mugwort vinegar, heirloom seeds, and more!!!  

You may follow wonder wilderfarm fb for more activities and farm visit.

What Wonder Wilderfarm do?

After having training from many aspects of sustainable agriculture throughout the years, like permaculture, biodynamic, natural farming etc, using different materials to improve the soil like compost, liquid manure, fish amino, EM, enzymes etc and the list really never ends. We realise that nature as complex as it will be, cannot be labelled or fixated with a certain terminology. Over the years we have realised how things and methods can also be complex and flexible to our advantages, benefits and convenience with maximum practicality in our daily work. We mock ourselves when we look back and see how stubborn we used to be with finding the perfect method. Below are few things that we stick our mind firmly to while working around the circumstances.

1. Biodiversity
Controlling or suppressing one element of wildlife/plant, even if it is a pest/weed, will have unpredictable impacts on the rest of the food chain. Organic production systems are designed to respect the balance observed in our natural ecosystems. Diversification is another characteristic of sustainable agriculture that supports biodiversity. Through the non-use of chemicals, sustainable agriculture takes pressure off ecosystems and biodiversity, alleviating them off the chemicals’ toxic effects on plants and animals. To us, everything depends on fruitful soils that are rich in nutrients and full of beneficial microorganisms, enabling high and stable yields. Compost and green manure, the major ingredient of our farm, increases biodiversity through its living soils. Diversified cultivations are much more resilient against draughts, heavy rainfall or pests. While these events can have disastrous effects on monocultures, sustainable cultivations typically perform much better. Thus, biodiversity is the best insurance against agricultural productivity risks.

2. Sustainability
​Many changes observed in the environment are long term, occurring slowly over time, as what we can seeing now the ecological and social price has been steep: erosion; depleted and contaminated soil and water resources; loss of biodiversity; deforestation; labor abuse; and the decline of family farms. Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that satisfies human health and nutrition, protects the environment, make the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and farm resources, respects animals and insects, humanity to workers, sustain the economic viability of farm operations, enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.

3. Positivity
We believe that survival possibilites are limited only to our positivity, this is where we are able to be creative yet responsible with our farm activities as the ability to respond to circumstances is the true meaning of being responsible.