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Precious Sea Mineral for Health


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The upwelling environmental conditions within the coral sea near Great Barrier Reef in Australia delivers nutrients and mineral to the surface water. Deposits of mineral form naturally after three months. It rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, carbon, sodium, sulphur, and etc.

Sea mineral is nutrients from the nature. Minerals function as co-enzymes that allow the body to perform its biochemical functions, include building strong bones, transmitting nerve impulses, maintaining a balance of electrolytes in our bodies, helping muscle relax and contract. What’s more? The body also needed for energy metabolism, normal fetal development, proper fluid balance; and immune system health; as well as enable enzymes to function well. It influences the activities of all major organs in the body.

 Essential mineral can be splited into two categories:

  • Major minerals, which can be found in large quantities in the body: calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium;
  • Trace minerals, which are found in small amounts, but are just as important: chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc.

Mineral can be obtained from fresh produce, food product which have been fortified with extra mineral, and mineral supplement.

Nowadays, a deficiency often happens slowly over time and this can be caused by several reasons. Lack of mineral in modern diet, difficulty absorbing the mineral from food, increased need for mineral due to health reason are some of the more common reasons.

However, the single most important reason is due to aggressive farming and food production process. Many studies showed that depleted soil causing a reduction in mineral. Over the years, people have over-farmed the land and have not rotated crops in the name of profit. This results in nutrients depletion.

That’s explained why soil depletion affects one’s health if we continues eating nutrients-depleted crops.

Today, sea mineral supplement has become common as these developed to address the mineral deficits. Do bear in mind that good quality of sea minerals is low sodium, and full of spectrum ionic minerals concentrate that is derived from pure ocean water, which ensure the richness in natural occurring major and trace minerals.

People may find that there are many health benefits for taking sea mineral supplement. However, please bear in mind that minerals are not intended to treat or cure disease. It is because our body cannot be function properly if mineral is deficient. During that situation, the body need essential minerals to function properly, and mineral can be easily absorbed and it is safe.

The best time to consume sea mineral is at night, before going to bed. This is because people with low magnesium, often encounter restless sleep or waking up frequently during night time. Hence a little magnesium intake can help to sleep well. Minerals also helps body restoring or repairing itself while sleeping

There are many ways to intake essential mineral. It can be added into water or juices. Or just add if you do sprout or germinating, or food fermentation. It helps on fermentation metabolism activities as well as improve nutrients value.

This is how mineral play a significant role in maintaining healthy body!

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