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A Message from Rolf Heine* -What can we do during this period?

*Note: Mr. Rolf Heine is the teacher in the Academy of Anthroposophic Nursing at the Filderklinik, Stuttgart, Germany.  He has been the lecturer and facilitator for IPMT Malaysia since 2015, and also the lecturer for Malaysia Anthroposophic Homecare 2-years course. 

Anxiety weakens the immune system.

We can strengthen the immune system by understanding what is happening. (New virus infection, which sometimes causes severe pneumonia. This can be dangerous especially for people which have other severe diseases or a in weak general condition. There are more people dying of a common flue every year than now by the new corona virus.)

We can find a meaning in such an epidemic disease if we are aware that it questions our social and individual habits. By breathing we share our inner with the inner of others. Becoming clear minded and warm and emphatic at the same time for me seams to be the challenge of this incidence. Take the epidemic infection serious but do not create an atmosphere of fear or panic.

Strengthen yourself by protecting your warmth. Keep your chest warm. Apply lemon oil on the chest. Enjoy daylight. Meditate inner uprightness. Wash your hands carefully. Wear mouth and nose protection if you are coughing or sneezing. *Take “Meteoreisen” form Wala or as a homeopathic remedy Ferrum sidereum D4 or D6 if you are in vulnerable condition.*

**Remark: The above mentioned remedies are Anthroposophic remedies, and may not available in local.  The intention of the writer is do provide an alternative way to prevent an epidemic and strengthen health condition, if the remedies are available in your country